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A Fine Art Foundation

Drawing has always been one of my most natural forms of expression, but I've come a long way from the comics I made in elementary school. I've always made sure to take visual art and design classes, along with art history classes, and draw now as a hobby and for work. You won't find my more recent professional or personal sketchbook pages here, but I still sketch frequently to illustrate characters, mechanics, levels, UI, or whatever I want to draw in the moment.

The first games industry job I wanted to have as a kid was a Concept Artist, and lately I've debated getting a Masters in Illustration. However, for now, I'm hoping to get more professional Design experience before considering this switch further.

This post serves as an archive of the analog art I used to feature on this website.

Drawing at NYU Florence 2018

Promotional Drawings for Mass Transit: Stranger Sings Concert 2016

AP Drawing Collection: Alternate Perspectives 2015

Still Life Drawing 2012-2015

Portraits 2012-2015

Illustration 2010-2015

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