Hi! I am...

first and foremost, a storyteller. However abstract the story may be, I believe every design has a narrative.


I'm Keanan, and I've been a Co-Technical Director, Lead Creative Technologist, and Lead Developer/Designer on a variety of projects. As a trained professional, I've primarily used Unity and Unreal to create multi-user experiences for Desktop, Mobile, VR and AR platforms.

I graduated with a Game Design BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where I specialized in XR Design and Development. There I learned how to balance theory with trial by playtesting, using mostly Unity with some Pico-8 and Gamemaker.

I picked up Unreal to teach a summer game-dev course, and utilize it now for Virtual Production and Motion Capture.


I hold a passion for performing that I've enabled through choirs, various theatrical settings, and dance. I love teaching and community service.


My energy and creativity are present in every aspect of my life, and I always give 110%.

Special Skills

Brooklyn, New York

Born and raised in Westport, Connecticut

Lived in Florence, Italy




Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballet




Music composition

Construction basics