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Crater Creator for the AMNH

Lead Developer and Co-Creator

Crater Creator is a multiplayer game, designed for the American Museum of Natural History, to educate people about moon craters.

Players use their phones to launch personalized asteroids towards a shared moon. After impact, players learn about the kind of crater their asteroid created.

All of the scientific info presented was based on research conducted or verified by Dr. Steven Jaret.

I designed and developed:

  • Mechanics

  • Physics and Collisions

  • UI/UX

  • Networking

  • 3D Models

Crater Creator was selected to run at 4 events in 2019:

  • AMNH Spacefest

  • AMNH Scientific Staff Outreach Event

  • AMNH & NYU Joint Showcase

  • NYU Game Center Winter Showcase

Finished Development May 2019 with Carol Chen, Ellie Lin, Michael Dellapi, and Chenyu Sun

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