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Mentally In Action

Sole Creator

Available on Itch:

In Mentally In Action, exploration progresses the story, especially when the player experiences recurring PTSD flashbacks.

The mechanics, plot, and graphics of my senior capstone are based on hours of personally conducted interviews and medical research. The narrative reveals the depths of horror and trauma that armed conflict creates, and sheds a light on the past and present treatment of a surviving veteran.

I designed and developed the:

  • Mechanics

  • Narrative

  • Levels & Environments

  • FX

  • UI/UX

  • Audio

When designing the movement and interaction mechanics, I tried to mimic real world actions as closely as possible to remain accessible to a player with any level of VR experience. M.I.A. is a seated experience where players operate a wheelchair to move and interact by using the grip buttons on VR controllers.

Published May 16th 2020 ft. sound by Landon Rudd and advised by Winnie Song and Mitu Khandaker

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