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Lead Designer and Developer

In Alpha by Parallux

This MMO metaverse for Mac and PC, with roadmaps for future AR, VR, and Web deployments, makes it easy to design and host 3D virtual spaces.

I prototyped and polished its features, including a user generated content toolset and a communications suite including spatial audio, video, text, and emotes.

See more info here:


I designed, developed, and led teams for:

  • UI/UX

  • Mechanics

  • Levels & Environments

  • Avatars

  • Asset Integration

  • Technical Art Pipelines

  • Project Management

  • Partner Relations

  • Photography & Videography

Below are deep dives into the design and development of the UGC Worldbuilder Toolset and Avatars:


Design Problem:

It takes too long to customize spaces for clients, constraining the number of clients we can support simultaneously.

Speed and accessibility were the core attributes creative director Kris Layng wanted. Connor Defanti and I co-designed/developed the UI/UX.

Design Problems:

Some clients require human avatars for their activations, which we don't have.

The onboarding UI/UX is too slow.

The main directions from creative director Kris Layng were to avoid the uncanny valley and any friction in onboarding.

Throughout 2021, I prototyped UI/UX for Parallux solo. Then, Theresa Merchant joined the team and we co-designed the UI/UX in Illustrator and Figma, while I implemented it all in Unity.

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