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Playstudios Project Polly

Lead Designer and Developer

This location based, 200+ user, AR game, Kraken Kove, was developed for iOS smartphones and tablets. It was part of Project Polly, a proof of AR's potential for Playstudios. Their virtual slots games reward players with non-digital prizes, which we incorporated into our game as real-life rewards drop from defeated ships. It was intended to be 1 of 5 minigames played at an internal Playstudios conference.


I designed, developed, and led teams for:​

  • NPCs

  • Combat

  • Encounters

  • Quests

  • UI/UX

  • AR Unity MARS Integration

  • Asset Integration

  • Digital Economy

  • FX

Presented March 2021 by Parallux and Playstudios

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