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The Bloginning

Welcome to the first post of Keanan Pucci's development blog! I have always wanted to make a dev blog for a variety of reasons, and hope to post more in-depth insights into my design and development processes here.

Behind the scenes content is something I love capturing, curating, and consuming. While I am well aware of how pre-release footage can be misunderstood by both professionals and consumers, the public's criticism of the recent GTA leaks left me surprised. It was encouraging to see other studios respond with their own early development media, as I've always gained a better understanding of games and films from BTS footage and explanations.

Indy Mogul's Backyard FX series that I followed to build my own Assassin's Creed hidden blade and other props as a kid

Greybox level flythroughs, documentaries, concept art, post-mortems, and so many other types of BTS content have inspired me to learn new skills and understand different approaches to development. I've learned a wealth of information about game design from the blog posts of AAA studios and indie creators alike, and hope to create my own resource for others to learn from with this blog.

The humble beginning of this blog will be a mass post-mortem and retrospective of my earlier works. I made board games, short films, comic books, and all kinds of art long before these examples, but the projects I'll be reviewing here first are past portfolio pieces.

Thanks for reading!

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